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Champion participants benefit from support from recognized industry experts from various backgrounds including investment, intellectual property, technology transfer, business, technical, industry, and law. A panel of community experts, angels or venture capital experts will provide feedback on the proposed business case.

Discover some of the experts who took part in one of the last SCM workshops:

The Experts

Franck Barbe

Chief Strategy Officer

Franck is Chief Strategy Officer at the Swiss Integrative Center for Human Health and has expertise as Finance executive, in the manufacturing sector in international environment.

Olivier Zava

Head of Biomolecular Facility

Olivier is Head of Biomolecular Facility at the Swiss Integrative Center for Human Health. He brings his experiences from diverse positions in the academia, biotech and pharma companies

Laurent Zimmerli

Scientific consultant

Laurent works at the Swiss Integrative Center for Human Health and he is team leader with 15 years of international experience in research, teaching and project management in discovery science.

Sylvie Rato

Project Manager

Sylvie is project manager at the Swiss Integrative Center for Human Health. She has more than 10 years of experience as researcher, in the field of infectious diseases (HIV/AIDS) and immunology.

Roch Ogier

Head of the Therapy Development Accelerator

Roch is Head of the Therapy Development Accelerator at the University of Zurich

Nadine Martin

Innovation Manager at sitem-insel AG

Nadine is a specialist in Anaesthesiology and Pharmaceutical Medicine. She has a solid expertise in Clinical Development, Medical Affairs, Compliance, Drug Safety and Translational Medicine

Daniel Gisi

Technology Transfer Manager, Unitectra AG

Daniel has long experience in business development, technology licensing, startup mentoring, international key account management and corporate project management.

Guido Koch

COO at Topadur Pharma AG

After covering leading roles in Novartis/NIBR for many years , Guido is currently COO at Topadur Pharma AG.

Jean-Jacques Estella

Business Development Head

Jean-Jacques works in the B2B international business development at the InnoPark Suisse SA


Andrea Chicca

Senior Researcher

Andrea Chicca is a senior researcher at the University of Bern with expertise on endocannabinoid system and pharmacology.

Anja Dietel

Senior Patent Attorney

Anja is Senior Patent Attorney, R&D IP at Novartis.

Heinz Burri

Senior Business Development

Heinz is business development expert at Comaz / Centre de formation professionnelle du littoral Neuchâtelois CPLN

Ernie Odoom

Consultant at Leman Consulting

Ernie is European patent attorney and Electronics engineer, Specialist in Semiconductor IC Design at Leman Consulting S. A.

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